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4 Strategies to Win at Sports Betting

4 Strategies to Win at Sports Betting

There is a science behind sports betting. You cannot splurge money on a team just because you are a big fan. Instead, winning strategies are based on long-term research. Derived from what analysts use in stock markets, these 4 strategies to win at sports betting deliver incremental success. They look for patterns that dictate whether an athlete or a team is slowing down or picking up the pace.

Bottom line, these tactics produce money regardless of the sport they are used in. Do them regularly and you will consistently profit from your bets. Likewise, you must stick to the plan no matter what especially if you are taking home tons of money. Otherwise, you will just lose all the money you’ve won.

Place bets with reliable sportsbooks

You must only bet with credible bookmakers if you want to track your money. However, no two bookmakers are created the same. Discern three or four sportsbooks that you prefer and compare their lines and payouts. A bookmaker with multiple ways of accepting bets is a big plus as well. If you still cannot decide, you can ask recommendations from experienced bettors. Our top three sportsbooks are MyBookie, Bovada and BetOnline.

In Canada, books like Sports Interaction, Bodog and Pinnacle are reliable bookmakers that have been in the business for a long time. Because they publish realistic odds in real-time, you can make smart bets that can improve your winning possibility by up to four percent. They also offer connected bets (parlays) that present the opportunity to earn more.

Go against the flow

It’s hard to win big if you place your money on the favorites. Last year, betting on the New England Patriots or Tampa Bay Lightning Money Line’s during the regular season meant paying a lot of juice, which hurts your bottom line when you lose.

In horse racing, you’ll end up winning big if you hit your bet on a lesser-known horse. Likewise, locking your bet for Rafael Nadal to win Roland Garros will not yield huge dividends. Instead, why not place your money on someone like Stanislas Wawrinka who can pull off an upset which delivers massive pay-outs.

Bookmakers have been in the business for so long because they have pounced against the crowd and won big on their gamble.

Conduct thorough research

Unfortunately, betting against the crowd is a hit-or-miss strategy. If you want to secure payouts for every bet, you must delve into analytics and conduct studies on betting percentages data. Doing due diligence with the numbers will help you know what the betting line is really worth.

For example, it’s one thing to be aware that the home team is still favored to win despite given a -8 handicap. However, you must put in the work to determine the percentage of bets that are pulling for the home team to win, how have they performed in the previous game, and how do they fare with the squad they will be facing. Those details can help you place calculated yet successful bets.

Make late bets for the underdogs

Since most bettors place their money with the favorites, you can win these back by placing a late bet on an underdog. Imagine the amount that you can win from a small bet once your wager pulls through. The bet early on favorites, late on underdogs approach works best in horse racing wherein working against possible winners can translate to big money.

You don’t become great overnight

Use these measures regularly and you will get more wins. However, it takes time for you to be great at sports betting. If you’ll use available data to continually hone your decision-making skills over time, you may become a winning sports bettor.

If you’re looking to start betting on your favorite sports online, Action Backers is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. I hope these 4 strategies to win at sports betting have been helpful and you see more money added to your bankroll after trying them out.

Happy Betting!