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A Guide to Betting on Boxing

Boxing, just like any other type of sport, can be enjoyed in a more exciting way than just watching the match from outside the ring. How? Betting, of course! Whether it’s to make more money, show immense belief in a competitor, or add a bit more thrill to a matchup, betting in boxing has become so commonplace to the point that it is one of the most bet-on sports in the world. 

Boxing and betting are two very different worlds, but they are used together so often that they are practically inseparable. Despite that, betting in boxing has mellowed down a bit nowadays due to the fact that the act has made the sport itself prone to botched judging, fixed fights, and heated brawls outside of the boxing ring. 

Although betting in the boxing world is far more controlled and regulated by state and national agencies than it once was, gambling on the sweet science can prove to be lucrative and fulfilling— as long as you play your cards right. If you’re keen on making a killing on boxing without having to step in the ring, then listen up because this guide was made for you.

Here’s all you need to know about betting on boxing and what you have to do in order to avoid getting financially knocked out:

Understand the basics

In order to properly explain the mechanics of betting on boxing, let’s say that someone places a wager on a match. The odds are as follows:

Person A (+150)

Person B (-500)

Draw (+5000)

The example above refers to the name of each competitor and the circumstances subject to the bet, along with the accompanying odds of each fighter and situation. In this example, the money line system is used, offering the following guidelines when interpreted: Person A is a crowd favorite with a 5 to 1 odds, while Person B is the underdog with a lower likelihood of winning. 

Different types of betting wagers in boxing

Through the use of the standard money line, $100 dollars is the standard unit of measurement that is used in all aspects from payout to odds. However, the circumstances of betting can vary between different situations in boxing: win, lose or draw, over or under, and knockout or stoppage. Let’s look at how this system works with every situation:

1. Win, Lose, Draw

When you look at the above odds, it’s important to keep in mind that the negative sign means that “this is how much you’ll have to bet to win 100 dollars,” while the positive sign connotes “you’ll win this much if you bet 100 dollars.” In this example, if you were to bet 100 dollars on Person A, you’d win 150 dollars if he won the match; on the other hand, if you placed your money on Person B, you’d have to put down and risk 500 dollars in order win 100 dollars due to the fact that they are the one most likely to come out on top. However, if the fight ends in a draw and you placed your bet on the possibility of that, you’ll be able to take home 5000 dollars for a 100 dollar bet! 

2. Over or under

Betting on an over or under falls under the classification of boxing proposition bets that take place when a fight is clearly one-sided (where one fighter clearly overpowers the other). In such a situation, going by the win, lose, or draw guidelines simply won’t cut it. In over or under proposition bets, the gamble lies within the duration of a fight, where participants can place their bets on whether a fight will finish before or after a certain round. When it comes to over or under bets, the subject of the odds and bet placement changes. They are often described as follows:

Over 6 full rounds +300

Under 6 full rounds -500

3. Knockout or Stoppage

Another type of boxing proposition bet that can be used in order to add another element to betting on match-ups is the knockout or stoppage situation. Just like an “over or under” bet, knockout or stoppage proposition wagers are granted winnings based on situational matters instead of favors. For knockout or stoppage bets, the odds look a little more like this:

Person A by KO or Stoppage -500

Person B by KO or Stoppage +700

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Happy Betting!