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Live Betting for Amateurs

You only live once, so make each year count by giving yourself a thrill of your life with the possibility of winning a windfall. It could be from the next three-point shot in basketball or a goalie foiled in soccer. 

These days, it’s no longer just athletes who can earn a lot of money from playing sports. Those who bet on them could also win but in a different context. You don’t have to bump yourself on muddy soil or slip on ice or sweat under the sweltering heat with the gambling world’s newest phenomenon sensation: live betting.

What is live betting?

As the name implies, live betting involves the better placing their wager while the match they’re betting on is ongoing. Although live betting in and of itself isn’t something new, the fact that it has become pervasive, more systematized, and streamed online is what makes it a sweeping phenomenon to take hold of those looking for excitement in their lives and wallets. 

Everything’s more exciting as you don’t only get to bet who the next winner or loser would be. You could bet on who will take the next shot. You could even bet on who will be given the next yellow card!

Sports you can bet on live, online

Between soccer, basketball, boxing, baseball, ice hockey, horse racing, college football, volleyball, rugby, and even more laid-back sports such as golf and chess, there’s always an exciting, live betting niche waiting for you on the internet. (check out Pinnacle for some awesome live lines)

You can bet on every sport there is, as long as you have deep enough pockets to support your gambling habit. However, if you’re in the live betting business for fun or for just a few dollars, it’s better to bet on only one sport or two. 

It is also more fun and preferable to bet on sports that you are familiar with, although you don’t have to be an athlete yourself to place a bet. If you’re planning to gamble your hard-earned income for as much as $1 million, it’s a better idea to find yourself a sport that piques your interest and really become a master of it.

Live betting: What are the advantages?

You and the athlete become one. You enjoy every moment of the game, but in your case, you watch from behind your screen. Every movement is nail-biting as your money is on the line, and you can feel their anxiety as players as well because their title is at stake as well. Their loss is your loss, and their win is your win. It is so unlike online casinos, where you feel that you are the only one who lost. 

The thrill with live betting is also longer. In the lottery, you may only get to enjoy the adrenaline rush for a few minutes before you realize that you didn’t get a single number. The thrill with slot machines is also too short-lived. There are four quarters of basketball and five rounds of volleyball, and you don’t know what may turn up next. Live betting, on the other hand, doesn’t take too long.  

If you know your sport, its science, and statistics very well, up to the last detail, there is a greater chance for you to win your bet. This is unlike traditional gambling methods. Since you are betting online, you also get to see odds and lines which will help inform your decision. Will you trust your instincts or will you trust Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle? The choice is yours to make, but you have ever-changing odds to guide you.

Online live betting websites are also jostling for competition, which means you can get perks and bonuses (check out MyBookie for some CRAZY bonus offers). If you bet more frequently in a specific site, it is likely that they will nurture you and give you perks and promotions, such as a free cruise trip. Some live betting sites even offer a certain percentage of your money back, even if you lost your bet, as long as you’re their long-time patron. You won’t get these perks in other gambling dens!

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Happy Betting!