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Popular Sports to Bet On for Beginners

We know that sports can take the world by storm, whether it’s football, boxing or basketball. It is for this reason why people across the globe bet on sporting events. Here are some popular sports for beginners to bet on- some might even surprise you!

For some, they place bets as a way to kill time or raise the stakes. They see betting as a way to make the games they watch more exciting. For others, sports betting is a profession. It’s their main source of income because there are huge amounts of money involved in betting.

Sports betting can be taken seriously or done solely for leisure. That said, it pays to know which sports you can bet on, particularly if you’ve just placed your first bet or are planning to jump into the betting bandwagon.

Soccer (Football)

It is said that soccer is the most popular sport for betting worldwide, especially in countries such as the US, Australia, and India, among other countries. People are really into this sport even if there are other famous sports in their countries. As a result, they end up betting on their favourite teams. Not only do they bet on Champions League or the World Cup, but they even go as far as betting on third leagues as well as U21 games. Pinnacle Sports is a great place to place bets on soccer!


Boxing is said to be an oldie in sports betting. It supposedly has a very long history in sports betting. They say sports betting for boxing dates back to ancient Greece when the Greeks organized fistfights. It was also part of the first Olympic games to bet on prospective winners.

Perhaps, it had something to do with the thrill of wrestling and rooting for the mightiest one during that time. However, to this day, people all over the world bet on who they think are the greatest boxers of all time. MyBookie often has even obscure boxing lines!


Betting on badminton is something not to be ignored as well. You know how fast-paced badminton is as a sport. It is typically played by one or two persons on each side. With the tension and speed associated with this sport, it’s usually hard to determine which side is going to win. This is why it’s pretty exciting to bet on badminton. Also, it’s interesting given the different types of bets on the winner, over or under, handicap, and set winner.


Darts is said to be an increasingly popular sport for betting. Why? Did you know that darts championships can actually fill whole arenas? Millions of people can follow such events on TV from the comfort of their own homes. So why give in and bet on a game of darts? This is what many betting enthusiasts are currently doing, given that the odds on winners are quite high. Bodog has some of the best darts odds around

American Football, Baseball, and Basketball

There is no denying that the Americans are very much into sports. They enjoy playing three of the biggest sports in the whole world: football, baseball, and basketball. Big stadiums for American football hold over 100,00 people. People also get excited over baseball and basketball, despite the fact that they draw fewer spectators compared to football. But supporters in the US are amazing. So you can expect many people to bet on these sports. For the best odds, be sure to check out BetOnline.

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