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Sports Bet Like a Degen (and Have More Fun!)

Sports Bet Like a Degen (and Have More Fun!)

Betting with the Sharps, taking the best lines at the best times, making some real cash off of playing my favourite sports… it sounds really good, doesn’t it? So why do I never end up doing it for more than a month?

I can’t be the only one out there who finds the discipline of trolling through lines and endless spreadsheets to be, well, pretty fucking dull. I’ve put my thinking cap on in the past few days and have come up with a couple (I think) sound reasons why trying to bet with the big boys just doesn’t work for a guy like me:

1. Bank Roll

I’m not too sure about the rest of you, but I don’t often have a few thousand dollars just lying around waiting to be bet on sports. When I deposit at a book it’s usually $100 – $200. Cash that I’ve specifically dedicated to having a little flutter for shits and giggles.

Here’s the problem: guys who win big can also lose big on the regular. Betting is an up and down business for the best of bettors, and if you’re winning 5 grand a night, you’d better be prepared to lose the same. If I’m following these guys, even with my $10 bets, I can’t really afford a major losing streak. Before I know it I’m out of cash and…GAME OVER! When this happens I haven’t even really been able to enjoy my money…I’ve been copy and pasting bets on games I don’t give a shit about because some guy who sometimes wins told me to, which leads me to my next point…

2. It’s Dull

Like most other methods of ‘making money’ betting on sports like a pro can, to some people’s disappointment, be pretty damn dull. If you’re following the best, crunching numbers and constantly monitoring sites for the best lines and sharpest bets – it’s a full-time gig! And if you don’t think so, then you’re probably not doing it right anyway, so good luck with that.

I mean, if you’re an accountant and combing through a bunch of integers is your idea of a good time then this article might not be for you, but me… I kinda like sports and I want to be able to enjoy every dime of my money, win or lose. The best way of doing that is to pick the games I like or something I know is going to be on TV and I can follow, not the Doosan Bears vs. the KIA Tigers because there was value in the U 11.5.

3. Usually Ends in a Lack of Gratification

No, surprisingly I’m not talking about what happens in your bedroom. I’m talking about the reality that most people buy into these ‘systems with high hopes of making some extra cash on the side at the very least, and instead end up losing their initial deposits along with any impetus for continuing to follow their miracle ‘system’.

Please don’t do this to yourself as I have in the past. Skip the annoyance, the drudgery, the bleeding eyes, and go straight to enjoying the games and events you want to enjoy. I’m not telling you to be an idiot – you know a good line from a bad one, when to hold off and when to fire away. Use your judgment, but use it when and where you want to.

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