Sports Interaction

Canadian Sportsbook- Does it matter?

That’s for you to decide! We think it’s pretty cool to be able to support a home-grown operation, especially one that actually gives a shit about their players. While they could make some improvements, the fact that you don’t have to cross any borders or oceans to find them means something to us.

Does This Have an Impact?

Does this impact the odds? No. Does it impact game selection? No. (Although maybe there is more of an NHL focus than some other books we have reviewed). Maybe we are just proud to be Canadian, but we think it’s pretty cool having such a successful and friendly operation in our own back yard.

Game Selection & Lines

Ultimately, we like to give action at this sportsbook due to their game selection and lines, not because of their geography. With that being said, if you’re in Canada, you can’t go wrong and it might be a new experience for you compared to other books you’ve played at.  Sign up now!